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Everyone needs a friend that will call and say, "Get dressed, we are going on an adventure".

Ken has been fortunate to establish a world class team of experts that cover each aspect of his treatment program.

Every member of the team brings their own detailed specialist capabilities whilst being able to operate as part of the team and to communicate the essentials to keep Ken informed about the progress of the treatments and the rationale behind key decisions.

Ken recognises the massive contribution made by the unsung heroes of each healthcare organisation and member of the medical team. The personal assistants and customer service representatives have been both helpful and willing to assist with the multitude of issues that crop up daily. Ken extends his heartfelt thanks to all.

Healthcare Team

Mr Christopher Chan – Consultant colorectal surgeon+
Dr Nick Plowman – Consultant oncologist+
Mr Robert Hutchins – Consultant liver, biliary and pancreatic surgeon+
Professor Daniel Hochhauser - Consultant medical oncologist+
Dr Reddy - Ken's GP, Mocketts Wood Surgery, Broadstairs+
Dr Nasir Kahn - Consultant radiologist+
Dr Angus Kennedy – Consultant neurologist+
Victor Neumann – MD, True Health Specialist+
Manipal Hospital - IBM Watson Oncology+

Research / Testing Companies+

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